GRAEME HENDERSON - curriculum vitae



Barbara Woff School and Elliott-Clarke College, Liverpool. Trained in jazz, tap, ballet, drama and music (adv piano). Left school at 16 yrs old to play ‘Taplow’ in ‘The Browning Version’ at the Royal National Theatre and from there went into the industry (see below).


Studied Rhythm Tap in New York with Randy Skinner, Danny Daniels, Barbara Duffy, Charles Goddertz, Margaret Morrison, Germaine Goodson, Roxane Butterfly.Phil Black and Ted Levy. Graeme has won the Carl Alan Award twice and been nominated a third time for his services to dance.


National Theatre


‘Taplow’ in ‘The Browning Version’ (Dir. Michael Rudman) 1980 ‘Cis’ in ‘The Magistrate’ (Dir. Michael Rudman) 1987 ‘1st Halberdier’ in ‘Harlequinade’ (Dir. Michael Rudman) 1980


‘Solly’ in ‘Jacobowsky And The Colonel’ (Dir. Jonathan Lynn) 1987 ‘The Headmaster’ in ‘The Red Balloon’ (Dir. Anthony Clarke) 1996


‘Hal’ in ‘Three Men On A Horse’ (Dir. Jonathan Lynn) 1987 West End ‘Billy Lawlor’ in ‘42nd St.' at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane (opposite Catherine Zeta-Jones) 1988/89

London Palladium

‘Don Lockwood’ role in ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ for Barry Mishon Gala 1998

UK Productions

‘Andy Lee’ in ‘42nd St’ UK tour 2007. ‘Cosmo Brown’ in ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ UK tour 2009

Chichester Festival Theatre

‘Tin Man’ in ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ (Dir. Michael Rudman) 1989 ‘PC Collins’ in ‘Rumours’ (Dir. Michael Rudman). Also UK tour. 1990 ‘Fenton’ in ‘The Merry Wives Of Windsor' (Dir. Michael Rudman) 1990 ‘Antonio’ in ‘The Power And The Glory’ (Dir. Tim Luscombe) 1990 ‘Selwyn‘ in ‘The Silver King’ – (1st cover Alan Howard) ( Dir. Peter Wood) 1990

Regents Park Open Air Theatre

‘Bill Calhoun’ in ‘Kiss Me Kate’ (Dir. Ian Talbot) 1997 ‘Lord Dumaine’ in ‘All’s Well That End’s Well’ (Dir. Helena Kaut-Howsen), 1997 70th Anniversary Gala 2002

West Yorkshire Playhouse

‘Bennett’ in ‘Another Country’ (Dir. Helena Kaut-Howsen) 1987 ‘Angel Clare’ in ‘Tess Of The D’Urbevilles’ (Dir. Helena Kaut-Howsen)

Orange Tree Theatre Richmond

‘Kenny’ in ‘Flora The Red Menace’ (Dir. Sam Walters) 1994 & 1995 (Revival) ‘Doctor of Pdytpe’ in ‘The Memorandum’ (Dir. Sam Walters) 1994 ‘Tony’ in ‘The Rink’ (Dir. John Gardyne) 1998

Leicester Haymarket

‘Byron Turkey’ in ‘Fat Pig’ (Dir. Mark Bramble) 1997

Edinburgh Festival

‘Simon Wishart’ in ‘A Drop Of Fred’ (Dir. Robert Butler-Sloss) 1992 ‘Himself(!)’ in ‘Tapestry’ (Dir. Andrew Blackie) 2000

Opera Della Luna

‘King Rufus’ in ‘Sleeping Beauty’ (Dir. Jeff Clarke) 1997 and 2002 ‘Tom’ in ‘Puss In Boots’ (Dir. Jeff Clarke) 1998 ‘Floribundi’ in ‘Cinderella’ (Dir. Jeff Clarke) 1999 ‘Negus’ in ‘The Merry Widow’ (Dir. Jeff Clarke) ‘Bosun’ in ‘HMS Pinafore’ (Dir. Jeff Clarke) 1997 World Cruise for Cunard on QE2. 1997

Royal Albert Hall

Royal Marines Mountbatten Festival – Featured Dancer (choreography Jenny Arnold) (2000)

Intercontinental Entertainment (for Derek Nimmo)

‘ Simon’ in ‘Lloyd George Knew My Father’ 1993 ‘Wesley‘ in ‘Touch of Spring’ 1994

Sheffield Crucible

‘Flute The Bellows Mender’ in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream' (Dir. Michael Rudman). Also Greek Tour. 1992/3

Theatre Royal, Perth

‘George Pepper’ in ‘Red Peppers’ 1998 ‘Burglar’ in ‘Ways and Means’ in 'Tonight at 8.30' 1998

Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

‘Fag’ in 'The Rivals' (Dir. Dick Tuckey) 1981, ‘Charles’ in ‘The Ghost Train’ (Dir. Brian Ralph) 1981, ‘Glibert Blythe’ in ‘Anne of Green Gables’ (Dir. Gerry Tebbut) 1981, ‘Jerry’ in ‘Zoo Story’ (Dir. Cordelia Monsey) 1981, 'Phillip Clandon' in 'You Never Can Tell' (Dir Dick Tuckey) 1982, 'Antonio' in ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ (Dir. Dick Tuckey) 1982, ‘Soldier’ in 'La Ronde' (Dir. Dick Tuckey) 1982, ‘Nana’ and ‘Pirate’ in ‘Peter Pan’ (Dir. Dick Tuckey) 1981, 'Marquis of Dorset' in ‘Richard III’ (Dir. Dick Tuckey) 1982 ‘Chalky’ in ‘Sitting Duck’ (Dir. Dick Tuckey) 1989, ‘Hugo Carmody‘ in ‘Summer Lightning’ (Dir. Dick Tuckey) 1995

Liverpool Playhouse

‘Hansel’ in 'Hansel and Gretel' (Dir Sue Wilson) 1974, ‘Ronnie’ in ‘Kidnapped at Christmas' (Dir Leslie Lawton)1976, ‘Benjamin’ in ‘Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’ (Dir. Caroline Smith) 1975

Mercury Theatre, Colchester

‘Young Loll’ in ‘Cider With Rosie’ (Dir. David Buxton) 1982

Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

‘Ellis’ in ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ (Dir. Simon Dunmore) 1982, ‘Nick’ in ‘Last Night Another Soldier' (Dir. Ivor Benjamin) 1982, ‘Theo’ in ‘Can Can’ (Dir. Robert Hamlin) 1982

Spirit of the Dance – Inaugural Tour 1996

‘Rhythm ‘n’ Shoes’ Trio


‘Confetti’ (Dir. Debbie Isitt) 2006, 'An Audience With Harry Hill' 2006 (ITV), ‘Pie In The Sky’ 1995 (ITV), ‘WSH’ 1994 (Channel 4), ‘Ashenden – The Hairless Mexican’ 1991(BBC), ‘Blue Peter’ 1987 (BBC), ‘Laurence Olivier Awards’ 1985 (ITV), ‘Night of One Hundred Stars’ 1985 (ITV), ‘Blue Peter’ 1985 (BBC), ‘Royal Command Performance’ 1984 (ITV) ‘Baa Baa Blacksheep’ (Dir Mike Newell) 1972.


‘Gerald’ in ‘The Ken Goodwin Show’ for Radio 2 1974, ‘Milkyway’ Advert (VO) 1976 ‘D’Artagnan’ in ‘The Three Musketeers’ for Radio 2 1987


‘Cinderella’ (Basingstoke) for UK Productions 2009, ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ UK Productions National Tour 2009, Network Cartoons Summer Show 2008, ‘42nd St’ for UK Productions National Tour 2007, ‘Rocky Horrow Show’ (Comedy Theatre) Assistant to Jenny Arnold 2006, ‘Jerry Springer The Opera’ (Assistant Choreographer) at the National Theatre 2003 and Cambridge Theatre 2004/5, ‘Milkshake’ Summer Show for Channel 5 (Assistant Choreographer) 2006, Staging for John Betjeman Centenery Gala at Prince of Wales Theatre 2006, ‘Confetti’ feature film (Assistant Choreographer) 2006, ‘Aladdin’ Bury St. Edmunds Theatre Royal Big Top 2006, ‘Next Door’s Baby’ (workshop) at the Orange Tree Richmond 2006, 'Artie Gwen And Lance' Showcase 2006, ‘Bouncers’ for Wakefield Theatre 2006, ‘One Knight Only’ staging for sumani Gala at Haymarket Theatre 2005, ‘Robinson Crusoe’ Bury St Edmunds Theatre Royal Big Top 2005, ‘Beauty and The Beast’ Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds 2004, ‘Robin Hood’, Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds 2003, ‘Sleeping Beauty’ for Opera Della Luna 2002, ‘Tapestry’ Edinburgh Festival 2000, ‘Crazy Rhythm’ for ‘Dance Spectacular’ at the Hackney Empire 1998, ‘Steppin’ Out’ for Jon Peterson and Concordia Theatre Company 1998, ‘Rhythm ‘N’ Shoes’ for the ‘Spirit of the Dance’ Tour 1996, Re-staged revival of ‘Flora The Red Menace’ at the Orange Tree Theatre 1993, ‘No No Nannette’ at The Guildford School of Acting 1993,‘Summer Lightning’ at the Wolsey Theatre Ipswich 1992, ‘A Drop of Fred’ at the Edinburgh Festival 1991, ‘The Silver King’ for the Chichester Festival Theatre 1990, ‘Aint We Got Fun’ for Mencap charity gala at the Prince of Wales Theatre, 1987.


Originated idea and co-authored with Robert Butler ‘A Drop of Fred’ for Edinburgh Festival and film treatment for Andy Harries of Granada Television 1990-2. Co-wrote ‘Tapestry’ with Andrew Blackie for Edinburgh Festival 2000. Reviewed Royal Marines Royal Albert Hall concert for The Royal Marines Magazine. Reviewed ‘Marjorie Davies’ Tap Awards for ISTD .



I.D.T.A. Congress 1986, I.D.T.A. London Meeting 1988, A.D.A. Day of Dance 1990, I.D.T.A. London Meeting 1991, I.D.T.A. Miss Dance Grand Final (adjudicator) 1991, I.D.T.A. Congress 1993, I.D.T.A. Jane Tumelty Award Lecture 1993, I.D.T.A. North West Theatre Branch Lecture 1993, I.D.T.A. Miss Dance Grand Final (adjudicator) 1994, B.A.T.D. Carl Alan Award 1998, N.A.T.D. Annual Congress 1998, B.A.T.D. Junior & Senior Stage/Tap Scholarships 2000, B.A.T.D. Northern District 2001, I.D.T.A. Annual Congress 2001, B.A.T.D. North Yorkshire District 2001, I.D.T.A. London Meeting 2002, I.D.T.A. Ken Dodd Tap Awards 2002, I.D.T.A. Miss Dance Grand Final (adjudicator) 2002, B.A.T.D. Annual Congress 2002, B.D.T.A. Summer School 2002, I.D.T.A Annual Congress 2003, All England Dance Festival Panel and Gala Director 2003, A.D.A. Annual Congress 2004, BATD Hartlepool Festival (Adjudicator)2005, BATD Maryport Festival (Adjudicator) 2005, All England Dance Festival Panel (Adjudicator) 2005, IDTA Leicester Seminar 2005, BATD Tap Scholarships 2005, ISTD Marjorie Davies Tap Awards, Panel Orpington Festival (Adjudicator) 2006, Miss Dance Grand Final (Adjudicator) 2007, IDTA Ken Dodd Awards 2008, IDTA Congress 2010.


With Buster Brown at Swing 46 Club, New York. 2000 With Barbara Duffy, Max Pollack, and Margaret Morrison, New York. 2000 Roxane Butterfly at Zinno’s, New York. 1999/2000 With Roxane Butterfly, London & New York. 1996/9-2000 Currently choreographs, manages and directs dance theatre projects through his own company ghtap ltd.